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Religious School

Learning Is Jewish

Beth El Temple considers the education of our children to be among our primary objectives. We receive great joy in watching our young members connect to their religion and culture.

Our program transmits the ideals and ideas inherent in Judaism in numerous effective and creative ways. By providing a loving and supportive atmosphere in which our children can study about their heritage, we hope to instill in our students a sense of pride in who they are and a feeling of responsibility and caring for the continuity of the Jewish people. Learning can only be accomplished through a partnership between the school, the child and the home. Our parents are given the opportunity to participate in many facets of their children’s Jewish education. Through family education programs, workshops, adult education opportunities, and congregational celebrations, we can all work together to become partners in the important task of passing along our heritage to our children. We want our children to cherish their Judaism.

For more information on our Religious School contact Bob Axelrod, Education Director at 717-232-0556 or email

As a congregation and as a community, we strive to provide moments and opportunities for our children to discover their own incredible joy of being Jewish.

Wednesday, October 27 2021, 21 Cheshvan 5782